Your wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come in, emerging between ages 17 and 24. While many people don't have issues with them, others must have their wisdom teeth removed. In some cases, they can cause overcrowding and misalignment of other teeth. It's also difficult to clean wisdom teeth since they are at the back of the mouth, increasing the risk of cavities and infections. Consult your dentist when you notice the following signs of wisdom teeth emerging, and they can examine them and determine whether they'll need to be extracted or not.

How to Tell Your Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In

1. Swollen Gums


As the teeth push against the gums or "erupt," they may cause swelling and soreness, and in some cases, tender gums may even bleed. You might taste blood in your mouth or see it when you brush your teeth. In some instances, the swelling can spread, encompassing the entire jaw, which might even happen before the tooth is visible.

2. Jaw Pain

The inflammation that comes with an erupting wisdom tooth can also cause generalized jaw pain. You might find it uncomfortable to chew when eating or could even have difficulty opening your mouth. For example, the pain may worsen when you yawn.

3. Bad Breath

In some instances, wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they cannot erupt through the gum fully. This can worsen inflammation and also result in potentially dangerous infections. An infection in the mouth may cause bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth. It can even cause a fever.


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