A dental crown is a cap placed over a tooth to restore its appearance and function. A crown protects the tooth and maintains its condition while allowing for a natural look that ensures an even smile and a comfortable bite. Below are three common reasons a dentist might prescribe a dental crown.

Why You May Need a Dental Crown

1. You Have Tooth Decay

A particularly deep cavity or pocket of decay can weaken a tooth. When a dentist removes the decay, they will often apply a crown to better safeguard the structure of the tooth and prevent bacteria from further damaging it. A crown is especially helpful for a tooth that has had to be filled more than once, as there may not be much remaining of the original tooth. The crown preserves what is there and safeguards it from being compromised any more.

2. You Have a Broken Tooth

dental crowns Lorain County, OHCracks, chips, and other tooth breakages can damage your smile and make your mouth sensitive to hot and cold foods. If tooth damage is left untreated, the break will only worsen, and it may eventually affect the nerve and rot the tooth from the inside. A crown shields the tooth from worsening damage by holding the break together and evenly distributing pressure throughout the mouth, while also improving the look and comfort of your smile.

3. You Need a Dental Implant

If your dentist has recommended a dental implant, you will almost certainly need a crown. Once the post of the implant is embedded into the jaw, it is topped with a crown to create a natural and uniform bite and appearance. Similarly, crowns are placed to secure dental bridges as well. Crowns are put in on either side of missing teeth, and they anchor a bridge of artificial teeth to replace the missing ones.


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