Quarantine has likely affected your daily routine and schedule. However, when it comes to physical health, self-care is still crucial. Avoid urgent dentist appointments during this time of social distancing by utilizing the following guide to maintain your oral hygiene.

3 Dental Hygiene Tips to Follow Throughout Quarantine

1. Prevent Decay by Maintaining a Routine

Although you may find yourself snacking more often or keeping an irregular sleep schedule, it’s crucial to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss before bed to prevent plaque buildup and enamel erosion.

To ensure you’re diligent when cleaning your teeth, brush in small circles for at least two minutes. Take care to clean your back molars and the surface of your tongue.

2. Kill Germs With Mouthwash

dentistIf you don’t use mouthwash, consider incorporating it into your nightly routine. Using a standard mouthwash will kill off bacteria and germs hiding on your teeth, inside your cheeks, under your tongue, and on the roof of your mouth.

Mouthwash can be used in a pinch to cure bad breath, but should also be utilized after brushing and flossing. However, do not rinse with mouthwash immediately after using fluoride toothpaste. Wait a few minutes before rinsing, so the mouthwash doesn’t wash away the fluoride in the paste.

3. Check With Your Dentist Before Visiting Their Office

If you’re suffering from toothaches, swelling, bleeding, or other uncomfortable oral symptoms, call your dentist instead of going in for an emergency visit. In some cases, they may advise you to try a home remedy, like a saltwater rinse or cold compress, until it’s safe to come in.

If they recommend a visit, ask your dentist what precautionary measures they’ve instituted to protect you and their other patients. This may include the use of hydrogen peroxide rinses, rubber dams, or temperature checkups. Find out if there are any specific rules you should be aware of before coming to the office, like waiting in your car before being called in, instead of sitting in the waiting room.


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