If you’re a frequent business flyer and find yourself struggling with toothaches regularly, you’re not alone. Many people experience this common dental phenomenon, which is formally known as barodontalgia. In most cases, tooth pain while flying indicates a more serious dental issue in need of treatment. 

How Flying Affects Your Teeth

Toothaches while flying are caused by the change in air pressure that occurs with an increase in altitude. If you have dental work like fillings or untreated cavities, air can infiltrate tiny cracks in these teeth. As cabin pressure increases, so does the pressure within your teeth. Cabin pressure fluctuations also increase pressure in the ears, which is why many people chew gum while flying.

What You Can Do About Airplane Toothaches

ToothacheIf you anticipate tooth pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever before your flight. You can also take steps to reduce tooth sensitivity in general. Hot or cold beverages often irritate sensitive teeth, so stick with lukewarm drinks during the flight. Due to its high sugar content, soda should also be avoided. Many people with sensitivity issues experience discomfort when consuming sugar. 

How a Dentist Can Help

Flying won’t affect your teeth if they’re healthy, so if you frequently experience toothaches in the air, it’s time to visit your dentist. Older fillings tend to pull away from teeth over time, and a dentist can replace them with new materials that form a tighter bond. Lingering cavities also need to be addressed, as they’ll only grow bigger without treatment. When cavities are too big to be treated using a filling, a crown will stabilize the tooth and prevent air from infiltrating it.


Visiting a dentist before your next business trip can help you avoid the painful effects of barodontalgia. Gregory Sy, DDS & Associates in Lorain, OH, will prepare you for your flight by addressing underlying dental issues like cavities. Dr. Sy prides himself on forming a close bond with patients, which allows him to provide quality dental care. This clinic offers care for the whole family, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a convenient experience. Visit the website for a full list of services or call (440) 282-9550 to schedule an appointment.