The dining room table is one of the main gathering points of any home. Just like any other piece of furniture, however, it’s susceptible to wear and tear. If your table has seen better days or if you’re ready for a stylistic refresh, here’s what to look for when shopping for a replacement.

What to Considering When Buying a Dining Room Table

1. Choose the Right Shape

Rectangular tables are classic, and most have optional extenders to cater to those who enjoy hosting dinner parties or have a large family. However, some rooms may feel too small with an oblong table. If you don’t have room for a rectangular table but like the look, consider a square.

Those who want a softer look may prefer curved edges. Circular and oval-shaped tables are excellent for conversations as everyone can turn inward instead of looking side-to-side. Additionally, it eliminates the corners, which can be a safety concern for those with little ones running around the house.

2. Think About Size

To choose a table that will fit in the room without overwhelming it, you will need to measure it. Consider every piece of furniture when measuring the space where your new table will be. There should be plenty of room to maneuver around the table and pull out chairs. Outlining the shape of your potential table with masking tape can help you visualize the setup. You may also want to consider how the piece will be moved into the space as some tables may not fit through doorways.

3. You’re Not Limited to Wood

furnitureWooden tables are classic and sturdy additions to any dining rooms, but glass-top tables shouldn’t be ignored. Today’s glass tables are made from tempered glass and are incredibly resistant to scratches, heat, and shattering. They also fit in with almost any style of decor and provide a beautiful focal point to the room without overwhelming it.


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