Most people view bookshelves as utilitarian pieces of furniture made for the purpose that’s built into their name. With a little imagination, though, you can take that plain bookcase and turn it into an interesting and beautiful focal point. Here are some ways you can give your shelves a starring role in your home—whether or not you’re a bookworm.

Bookcase Styling Ideas for the Home

1. Mix It Up

Don’t feel that you need to fill every corner of your shelf with only books. Even if you’re an avid reader, breaking up the bookshelf with objects of art, houseplants, clocks, or vases will give the room some visual interest. Use thematic combinations to draw attention to literary genres—for instance, a Mexican Calavera skull will draw eyes to your collection of Stephen King novels.

2. Go Horizontal

furnitureFrom a practical standpoint, putting books on the shelf the standard way (standing up) makes it easier to find, take out, and return them. However, you probably don’t use the majority of your books as reference materials requiring easy and repeated access.  Consider stacking all or some of your books for a break from the ordinary.

When you arrange books in stacks, you can crown the stacks with small objects such as picture frames, small vases, and knickknacks that showcase your personality, style, and experiences.

3. Group by Color

Use your book spines as a creative design element by arranging them in groups by color. If your collection is large enough, you can arrange them as a rainbow, group as color blocks, or display neutral colors in alternating sections.

4. Get Vintage

There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as leatherbound books. They’ll give your room an old-world, sophisticated feel. From a decor perspective, it’s not even necessary to choose books you want to read. Sets like law books or encyclopedias as well as antique volumes and commemorative editions of the classics will deepen the vibe of the room.

5. Add Bookends 

Tasteful bookends add style and provide support for books, which is especially helpful if you’re complementing your collection with knickknacks and other objects. You can even use different bookends in several places throughout your bookshelf. Just make sure there’s a common element so the look hangs together.


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