Oak Grove Cemetery was established in 1852, making it one of the oldest cemeteries in the state of Wisconsin. Surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful lawns, the cemetery provides a peaceful resting place for your loved ones. In addition to pre-planning and burial services, the cemetery offers interesting and educational walking tour sights, including the Losey Memorial Arch. 

What’s the Significance of the Losey Memorial Arch?

The Losey Memorial Arch was built to honor the memory and life of Joseph W. Losey(1834-1901), a respected attorney and advocate for the betterment of Oak Grove Cemetery. He was active in promoting the establishment of Myrick Park and several other public developments. Losey also recommended the creation of a European style pleasure drive in the city of La Crosse, known today as Losey Boulebard.  

There’s a site near the arch where a beautiful water fountain once stood. It was constructed in the 1870s. Back then, people often walked around in cemeteries to escape the busyness of city life.

When Was the Losey Memorial Arch Constructed?

The Losey Memorial Arch was built in Oak Grove Cemetery in 1901-1902 by the Crosby and Hynne Granite Company and dedicated with a public celebration on Memorial Day 1902. 

If you are interested in seeing the Losey Memorial Arch up close and personal, stop by Oak Grove Cemetery and take a free self-guided walking tour. The cemetery is the final resting place for more than 30,000 people. If you’re nearby, take some time to walk through the cemetery and appreciate its beauty and history.  If you want to speak to a staff member about burial services or other information, call (608) 782-6956 or visit their website.