When it comes to collision repairs, fenders almost always need attention. Because they're located on both sides of a vehicle, at least one is usually damaged in every crash. Often confused with bumpers, which sit at the front and rear of a vehicle, fenders sit over the wheels, housing each of the tires. Whether you just bought your first car, or you've been driving for years, here's what you should know about your fenders. 

Fender FAQ

What do fenders do?

Fenders protect the sides and underbody of a vehicle from the rocks, sand, and other debris that the tires might kick up. In the event of a collision, they also absorb some of the impact, thereby mitigating both property damage and bodily injury. As such, fenders are considered an extension of the bumpers, which also diffuse force in minor wrecks.

What are fenders made of?

When designing fenders, auto manufacturers look for materials that are both light and durable. Plastic is perhaps the most common material found in fenders, but in higher-end models, they might be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Metal, including aluminum and steel, are also viable options. 

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Can you remove dents and nicks in fenders?

If your fenders are made of plastic, applying hot water may make them malleable enough to bend back into place following minor damage. Dent pullers that use suction can also remove slight imperfections in metal fenders. To fix big dents, however, or repair more expensive materials, like carbon fiber, you're going to want to turn to a professional. 

Can you replace fenders?

When fenders become cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged beyond repair, they should be replaced. Otherwise, your vehicle will be more vulnerable in the event of a collision. It will also be exposed to rocks and debris that the tires kick up whenever you drive. Thankfully, if the fender is the only item that needs replacing, it's usually a quick fix, and depending on the cause of the damage and the terms of your policy, your auto insurer may cover most of it. 


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