We all respond differently in an emergency, often unsure if our responses were the right ones for the situation. With the pandemic, many people try to avoid going to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. Here are the four times you should always get emergency medical assistance. 

When to go to the ER

1. Chest Pain 

If you ever feel pain, pressure, or discomfort in your chest, get medical attention right away. Tests specific to your symptoms will be able to illuminate the possible cause of the chest pain you are feeling. While it's possible you could be experiencing indigestion, you could also be in the midst of a heart attack. 

2. Difficulty Breathing

Breathing is essential to life. Difficulty breathing is considered "life threatening" and should be addressed in the emergency room as soon as possible. Hospitals have the appropriate tools to help get oxygen back into your system and prevent any potential damage to vital organs.

3. Symptoms of Stroke 


A stroke can act very quickly and the minutes you spend not receiving emergency care can significantly affect the brain's ability to recover. Symptoms of a stroke include difficulty speaking or understanding speech, confusion, blurred or impaired vision, paralysis or weakness on one side of the body, or sudden loss of balance and fainting. If you think someone you know is experiencing a stroke, call 911.

4. Burns 

While an ER visit for a burn may feel unnecessary, there are several reasons you should reconsider and take the extra precaution. A burn damages the nerves in the skin, preventing your body from properly signaling to the brain that there is a problem. Any burn over three inches in size, or a burn located on your face, hands, or genitals needs to be looked at by a medical professional to prevent the development of scar tissue interfering with function in the future. 


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