If you have an aging loved one who needs more support or care, assisted living is an excellent way to ensure they are happy and healthy. Even if you understand the benefits of a quality senior community, your family member may be uncomfortable about making the transition. Hillview Terrace Assisted Living in La Crosse, WI, is a county-run health care facility that understands the unique complexities of making a move to elderly care. Below, they offer suggestions for approaching this conversation. 

A Simple Guide to Discussing Assisted Living 

1. Plan Ahead 

Assisted LivingPreparing for a conversation about assisted living will make it easier for you to discuss your loved one’s options. It will also provide you with a script about the advantages of senior housing. Research communities in your area and what they offer. Be specific when speaking about amenities, social activities, and meal plans. You can also bring photos or a tablet to illustrate the beauty and services of the community. 

If your family member is religious or enjoys certain hobbies, ensure the facilities you choose will cater to their needs and preferences. Your loved one may also want to know about practical matters, such as financing. Know the answers to budgeting questions before you chat with the person you care about. 

2. Be Compassionate 

While many seniors recognize the benefits of retirement homes and elderly care, it is common for them to be fearful or apprehensive. Some people may be confronting their mortality, while others don’t want to lose their privacy or independence. Being understanding of these concerns and staying calm is the best way to have a productive discussion. 

3. Stay Patient 

Many people do not agree to senior housing on the first try. Be patient and remember new ideas take convincing. Consider giving them a tour of a few different communities so they feel more included in the process. Or, have another family member join the conversation so seniors can get someone else’s perspective. 

By making a consistent effort, focusing on features and benefits, and including your loved one in the decision, you can make progress and help them find the ideal senior community for their needs. To discuss your family member’s options for local, quality assisted living, call Hillview Terrace Assisted Living in La Crosse County, WI, at (608) 785-5500. For information about their senior living communities and the benefits of skilled nursing call (608)7890-4800.  Learn about  our activities, meal options, and caring staff by following them on Facebook