Vehicle owners who are worried about their carbon footprint are turning more and more to electric options as a solution. Not only are these cars more fuel efficient, but innovators like Elon Musk are packing them with technology that makes them attractive to auto buyers, as well. Some have begun taking this principle a step further; not only do they drive electric, but they’re installing solar panels around their homes that can be used to both charge their cars and power the rest of the residence. If you’re considering making this switch and have questions, here is a basic guide.

4 Common Questions About Solar Panels & Electric Cars

Can you charge electric vehicles with panels?

The simple answer is yes. Solar technology provides a cheap, clean way to put electricity into your home’s power grid, which can then be used to charge an electric vehicle. In fact, many of the charging stations built by Tesla® and other companies feature solar panels on their roofs, which assures drivers that their vehicle choice benefits the environment.

How many panels will it take?

solar panelThe answer depends on several factors, including the location of the house. If your roof receives direct sunlight, the panels will generate more energy than a house that’s in the shade for part or all of the day. Additionally, the surface area of the panels will also have an impact, as will the storage capacity of the vehicle’s electric battery.

How Can I Calculate How Many Panels I’d Need?

Websites like can help you assess the capacity of your particular vehicle. Once you’ve determined how much electricity you use for the car in a typical day, you can consult a professional solar panel contractor to make sure you have enough panels to both power your vehicle and provide for your home’s other needs.

Why should I make the switch now?

Some homeowners see the benefits of switching to solar power but want to wait until they’ve saved up enough to install many panels at once rather than installing just a few. They believe this will save them money, but the truth is that changing over as soon as possible will increase your home’s value immediately, since panels are a sought-after feature. Besides which, the sooner you change, the sooner you can start easing off the public utilities system, saving thousands of dollars down the road—especially if you own an electric car that requires regular charging.


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