More homeowners are making the move to solar energy, and if you’re looking for green solutions, it may be exactly what you need. Energy conservation has never been more necessary, and the sun is an ideal replacement for the power grid. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to determine if home solar panels are right for you.

Understanding Solar Energy

What Is It?

Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun to power home appliances and systems. The sun is a giant nuclear reactor and produces immense amounts of energy in the form of photons that travel to Earth. Once converted by a photovoltaic system or solar thermal collector, this energy has home applications.

How Does It Work?

solar-energy-golden-starProfessionals attach photovoltaic panels to the roof of the home to absorb the photons in sunlight. This creates an electrical field on the panel once electrons are released from atoms, creating an electrical flow. Varying charges, silicon, phosphorus, and other materials in each solar cell then convert the electrons into usable energy. This is the primary residential use for solar energy.

What Are the Benefits?

The immediate benefit of solar energy is that it’s completely free. Aside from solar panel installation and maintenance, you’ll never have to spend a penny on the energy you collect from the sun. This leads to decreased bills and lowers your home’s carbon footprint. On a larger scale, you’re supporting the solar energy industry, creating more jobs, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and creating solar import opportunities. As such, it’s one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner.


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