Medical Pharmacy of Albemarle

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320 Yadkin St, Albemarle, NC 28001

About Medical Pharmacy of Albemarle

Whether you have a prescription to fill or you need over-the-counter meds to curb your flu-like symptoms, the Medical Pharmacy of Albemarle in North Carolina has just what you’re looking for. As the go-to pharmacy in Stanly County for over 50 years, you’ll find a wide range of uses for this drugstore, from your favorite dietary supplements to speedy prescription refills.


If it’s that time of year for you and your little ones to get your immunizations, ask their pharmacist about which vaccines are safe based on your age and medical conditions. They have vaccinations for the flu as they change strains, pneumonia, and shingles. If you need a prescription refilled, use their online form to get your meds without waiting in those long lines.


When you need your medication on time or ibuprofen to calm your migraine, trust Medical Pharmacy of Albemarle to carry what you’re looking for. If you have questions, contact them at (704) 982-9179 or visit them online.



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