Above ground swimming pools provide an economical way to enjoy relaxing in the water in your backyard. Some homeowners may worry about the aesthetics of this type of pool in their space, but there are many ways to make the entire yard attractive with creative landscaping. Here are some ideas to consider.

How to Landscape Around Above Ground Swimming Pools

1. Include Plant Beds

Plants can improve the look of just about anything, and in this case, they can help define the pool area. If you want an easy solution for the space around your pool, consider plant beds with low maintenance shrubbery or flowers. You can even include raised beds to disguise the pool sides.

2. Build a Wooden Deck

swimming poolsA wooden deck provides a beautiful and practical outdoor space. You can arrange chairs and other furniture around it, and it offers easy access to the pool if it’s built on the same level as the rim. This structure can make above ground pools look and feel more like in-ground pools.

3. Add Stone Pathways

Stone is a practical way to add a natural look to a pool. You can create walkways and even build short walls around the pool. This provides an easy way to physically get to the pool and covers up some of the sides so the pool blends into the natural environment.

4. Plant Privacy Hedges

If you like the idea of plants around your pool but want the sides to blend in, consider adding large bushes and shrubs around most of the exterior. As they grow in, they’ll cover most of the sides so you can only really see the top of the pool. Just be sure to trim them regularly and leave space for the steps or ladder to access it easily.


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