September represents the end of the summer and a time when many people apply for jobs. Because of this, Career Directors International (CDI) has proclaimed September as the “International Update Your Resume Month!” Even if you aren’t actively seeking work, here’s why you should review and refine your professional resume.

What Are Some Benefits of Updating Your Professional Resume?

1. Prepares You for Promotions

If a new position opens up at work, an up-to-date resume gives you an edge over the competition. Not only does it allow you to throw your name in the hat early, but it ensures the product looks clean and polished.

Suppose there’s only a short window of time when applications can be submitted. If you’re unprepared, you may end up turning in a document that looks rushed and cobbled together.

2. Maintains Relevancy

professional resumeSkills and professional resumes themselves are not immune to trends. What was important a few years ago may no longer be relevant.

For example, years ago, objective statements and personal stories were compelling, but today, they look like filler. Even a detail as basic as a full home address can make your resume seem dated. Use this month to catch up on what’s standard in the modern job market and adjust the information accordingly.

3. Clarifies Career Objectives & Goals

Updating your professional resume allows you to revisit what you want from your career. It’s common for people to get comfortable in a position they’ve been at for a few years.

Although your current title may look nice on paper, it may not be your ultimate dream job. Take some time this September to think about whether your work aligns with your future goals and personal values.


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