Dogs get bored, just like humans. Although their pet care provider can tell you the symptoms of boredom, get familiar with them to help your furry friend as soon as possible. Here are a few signs that indicate they want more stimulation.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Bored?

1. Bark at Windows

Bored dogs gaze out of windows, looking for something interesting. As a result, they may bark at anything exciting that catches their attention. If it’s possible, put them on a leash and take them outside to check it out. This will appease their curiosity and give them some entertainment.

2. Follow You Around

pet careIf your dog trails you from room to room, they’re likely looking to you for entertainment. Instead of curling up with them on the couch, go on a walk, play fetch, or take them on a car ride so that they can expend energy.

3. Exhibit Bad Behavior

If your dog is bored, they may find ways to distract themselves, like ripping pillows or rummaging in the trash can. To combat this behavior, make sure they have a variety of toys to entertain them. While rubber balls and ropes are classic favorites, you can also get them a puzzle toy to stimulate their brain and provide a unique challenge.

4. Eat Too Much

Dogs tend to eat when they’re bored, even if they aren’t hungry. If the pet care provider says your furry friend is becoming obese, find ways to alleviate the issue before it worsens. Don’t give your bored pet more food; instead, exercise and entertain them simultaneously by running around at a park or going on daily strolls.


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