Navigating a divorce isn’t easy, no matter the relationship with your spouse. Whether there’s constant contention or complete agreement, it can still be challenging and emotional to disentangle your lives from one another. From meeting with a divorce attorney to drawing up custody agreements and separating property and assets, each step of the process can take time to figure out. Use the following guide to help you prepare for this life change.

How to Navigate a Divorce as Smoothly as Possible

1. Construct a List

It’s difficult to remember all the points you want to cover when sitting in front of a divorce attorney. Starting a list several days ahead of the meeting time will provide a chance for you to think through each of the details. 

Keeping your emotions in check is key, as they can cloud your judgment, which could result in yelling, arguing, and making unreasonable demands. Take a break and come back to it over the next few days in case there’s anything you forgot. 

2. Allow Visitation

divorce attorney

If you have children, then it’s likely that both parties will want some type of involvement. Allowing for visitation is the easiest way to ensure a smooth transition. It creates an opportunity for discussion and helps determine a schedule that works best for both parents.

Make sure to agree upon a form of communication when it comes to parenting issues, like picking up and dropping off the kids. Last-minute changes might have to occur due to sports practices and play dates, so knowing how best to reach out will lower the risk of confusion. 

3. Be Transparent

Attempting to hide personal assets will only cause the other party to become distrustful and unwilling to negotiate. Being completely transparent about what’s available and the amounts you’re hoping to receive will provide an opening for discussion. It demonstrates an agreeable attitude and encourages everyone involved to start working toward a compromise.


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