Space heaters offer a convenient way to warm up any room quickly. They can get you through even the coldest days and help cut down on high utility costs during the winter months. However, they are the cause of 25,000 house fires annually. Consequently, they also account for many home insurance claims each year. Therefore, if you plan to go shopping for a space heater, confirm it has the following safety features.   

What to Look for When Buying a Space Heater 


A certified space heater has been tested to make sure that it's design, construction, and materials are in line with safety standards. In addition, it does not make false claims regarding its capabilities in either the marketing of the device or the instructions. Therefore, look for units with labels indicating they have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories®, Canadian Standards Association®, or Intertek Group®.

Tip-Over Sensor & Shut-Off Switch 

home insuranceMany home insurance claims are filed after a space heater has been accidentally knocked over, causing nearby flammable material to ignite. To prevent this, seek out a heater model that comes equipped with a tip-over sensor, which will automatically turn the power to the heater off if it falls. Safe heaters will also be designed to have a stable base that can withstand getting bumped into and pushed around.

Overheat Protection 

Another vital safety feature is the overheat protection switch. These days, the majority of space heaters have a thermostat that regulates temperature. If it detects that a heater’s internal components have become too hot, the switch will turn off automatically to avoid overheating.


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