Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life or enjoy quality time bonding with your family, camping is an incredibly rewarding way to spend the weekends. But while this favored American pastime offers a lot of excitement, remember that going into nature can come with risks. To avoid accidents—and having to call your insurance agent to make a claim—here are a few essential safety practices to adopt on your next camping trip.

How to Protect Yourself When Camping

1. Choose a Seasonally-Appropriate Shelter  

Look at the weather report ahead of your departure and bring a shelter along that can suit the conditions. For example, heavy stakes are necessary for tents exposed to high winds. Tarps and insulated sleeping bags are essential for individuals who are pitching a tent in the rain. Of course, if you want optimal comfort, an RV may be the best choice.

2. Store Food Securely

Never leave food out in the open, as it could attract wild animals. Instead, place all items in a watertight, locked cooler that remains out of reach. Additionally, keep perishable foods on ice in a cooler to prevent the spread of foodborne illness.

3. Put Out Fires Completely

insurance agentIf available, always start fires in a designated pit. If you have to create a new fire area, make sure it’s at least 15 feet away from tents, shrubs, trees, and other flammable materials. Make sure someone is always attending the fire to prevent it from spreading. When finished, use a water bucket to fully extinguish the flames.

4. Watch for Wild Animals

From the campsite to the hiking trails, there’s always a possibility that you may run into a wild animal. Heed all warnings from park rangers to ensure you don’t stumble upon areas that are populated by dangerous creatures. Keep pets on leashes. If you see an animal, stay away.  

5. Talk to an Insurance Agent

Before heading out, talk to an insurance agent about different ways to increase your protection. For example, if you drive a camper, ask about setting up an affordable auto or RV insurance policy. It’s also worthwhile to review your health insurance details to make sure you’re covered in the event of a medical emergency.


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