Many people do not realize that there are different types of asphalt because they look so similar. Though they all feature a beautiful black-top surface, asphalt paving material has its own benefits and uses. Know what your options are before beginning your project so that you can choose the right material for your needs.

Options in Asphalt Paving

1. Perpetual

This uses a multi-layer paving process designed for a stronger and more durable surface. The base layer is flexible, preventing cracks. The middle layer adds strength, while the top layer is designed for wear. As the asphalt becomes worn from use, the top layer is removed and replaced for cost-effective and quick repairs. This is a popular option for public roadways that are heavily used.

2. Porousasphalt paving

Porous asphalt is common for parking lots and driveways. It allows water to drain through the surface into a recharge bed, then into the soil beneath it, so puddles don’t form on the surface. The recharge bed improves the quality of the water released into the ground.

3. Quiet

Quiet asphalt uses a mixture of stone aggregates to reduce the amount of noise created when driven over. This asphalt is a popular choice in residential areas or around businesses, where you may be concerned about noise levels. It’s also often used for freeways to reduce traffic noise pollution.

4. Warm-Mix

Warm-mix paving allows your contractor to mix the asphalt at around 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional hot-mix asphalt. This reduced temperature lowers the environmental impact by saving on fuel and reducing greenhouse gases. 


Your contractor can help you choose the right type of asphalt for your project’s goals. Musson Brothers Inc. has worked in residential paving for more than seven decades in Rhinelander, WI. This asphalt paving team makes recommendations for your project and execute your vision to perfection. Contact them online or at (715) 365-8700 to discuss your project.