Hammertoes are created by a joint deformity that bends toes into a claw, and they can be painful to experience. Although a foot specialist can treat and cure them, they may develop for different reasons. For the sake of your foot health, here’s what you should know about them. 

4 Causes of Hammertoes 

1. Predisposition 

Old age or a genetic predisposition for hammertoes may be all it takes for you to develop them. You’re also more vulnerable to the condition if your second toe is longer than your big toe, which creates a muscle imbalance. 

2. Injuries 

If your toes have been jammed, stubbed, or broken, you may develop hammertoes, especially if a podiatrist has never treated them. If they don’t heal correctly, unevenness in your bones and muscles may lead to hammertoes. 

hammertoes3. Bad Shoes 

Although shoes should protect and support the feet, their design may jam and bend the toes. When they’re crammed into ill-fitting shoes for hours, they may get stuck. Women who wear high heels with tight toe boxes are far more likely to suffer from hammertoes.

4. Medical Conditions 

Arthritis—inflammation in the joints—can sometimes cause hammertoes because it weakens the muscles connected to the joints. People with diabetes are at high risk of developing hammertoes and many other kinds of foot pain and problems. Their condition, which allows glucose buildup in their veins, compromises blood circulation. Without sufficient circulation, muscles and tissues don’t function as intended.


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