Runners often experience issues with their feet due to repetitive stress and impact with the pavement. Fortunately, podiatry service providers may help you experience relief from a variety of different conditions and ailments. Below, learn more about common injuries and how a foot specialist can treat them. 

4 Foot Injuries Runners May Experience

1. Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are hairline cracks that develop on the bones as a result of repetitive stress. The metatarsal bone is typically the most vulnerable for runners since it is long and connects to the toes. Though you may hardly notice any discomfort at first, bruising and swelling tend to worsen over time. Make an appointment with a foot specialist for an X-ray or MRI. They’ll check the extent of the injury and provide a treatment plan.

2. Metatarsalgia

foot specialist Metatarsalgia occurs due to excess pressure on the metatarsal bone. It causes the sensation of walking on pebbles or bruising on the balls of your feet. Most often, you’ll notice pain between the toes or near the big toe. Custom-made orthotics and footwear counseling are the most common treatment methods. 

3. Morton’s Neuroma

Morton's neuroma causes burning, numbness, tingling, and sharp pain in the feet, caused by fibrous tissue growth on the foot nerves. Since it typically worsens over time, see a foot specialist who will help you manage the discomfort with massage, ice packs, and rest. 

4. Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis often causes a stabbing pain in the heels and occurs when the fibrous tissues of the feet become inflamed. A podiatrist will help you manage symptoms and reduce inflammation with stretching, varying your workouts, and changing the distribution of your body weight. 


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