Although there is much to be excited about during pregnancy, growing a new life can often cause discomfort from the moms. One common complaint is foot pain due to hormonal changes and weight gain. The guide below looks at some of what you might experience and what you can do about these situations.

Common Foot Problems During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers often notice that their feet become dry and cracked. This occurs because of the release of gestational hormones and because moisture is redirected to the baby. Severe cases can lead to bleeding or even infection.

Other issues include swelling of the ankles, also known as edema, which occurs because the growing baby and swelling uterus place pressure on the pelvis and make it difficult for blood to return to the heart. Finally, many women experience fallen arches as weight gain and hormones cause tendons and ligaments to stretch, which can be painful.

How to Deal with Foot Pain

foot painMassage your feet and ankles daily with moisturizer to prevent dry skin and cracking. In late pregnancy, it may be challenging to reach your feet, so apply the cream to a sponge, place the sponge on the floor, and rub the heel and ball of your foot on it. 

Keep feet elevated to let blood flow downhill to the heart and minimize swelling. Do not stand for long periods. 

For pain relief, stretch your calf and foot muscles gently, or roll the arch of your foot on a cold, unopened can of soda on the floor—being careful not to put too much weight on the can.

Additionally, go to see a podiatrist. They can suggest gentle exercises to help with fallen arches. They can also recommend shoes that will best support your feet.


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