When it comes to the IT requirements of a business, there is no hard and fast rule on investing and designing a suitable infrastructure and system. Smaller companies may only have one, part-time IT member on board, while larger organizations may require an in-house team for 24/7 monitoring. Whichever the case may be, outsourcing IT support can provide a host of benefits to your organization.

How to Choose a Managed IT Service Provider

1. Evaluate Current IT Infrastructure

Before choosing it supportan IT support provider, assess your existing infrastructure to determine what your needs are and why they are necessary. Take stock of current network, hardware, and software assets and determine how you can improve the system to streamline your operations.   

2. Determine Offered Services & Products

After your assessment, list your minimum required services, such as data backup and recovery, network management, or hardware maintenance. IT providers may also offer cloud services, continuous remote diagnosis and monitoring, and 24/7 support. Ask about hardware and software, including warranties and licensing, they can provide for your business.

3. Narrow Down Vendors Based on Reputation & Expertise

Screen potential vendors based on their certifications from companies like Cisco®, Microsoft®, and CompTIA®, among others. Aside from proven skills, experience, and the ability to successfully handle an existing managed service portfolio, determine the financial stability and reputation within the industry to gauge a vendor’s capacity to manage your system according to best practices and standards.

4. Settle on a Committed Provider

Choose an IT support company that has a proactive approach, rather than a break-fix mentality, as such companies will help you identify and prevent problems, and work to continually improve your IT environment. It is important to team up with a service provider who communicates effectively and provides valuable insights into developing and enhancing your IT system with innovative and professional thinking.

5. Agree Upon a Reasonable Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A great relationship with your provider depends on a clear cut SLA, which details the services provided, expected performance on deliverables, and financial penalties for missing targets or requirements. Since this will serve as your protection, ensure that you’ve discussed and agreed on the contract’s terms and conditions to avoid disputes.  


Whatever your IT support requirements, it’s critical to choose a reliable managed services provider to work with your business. You can rely on the highly skilled team of certified experts at Intellicom. Based in Kearney, NE, they offer an extensive range of services, from computer networking to web design. Call (308) 237-0684 to schedule a consultation, and visit their website for more information.