Companies continually look for ways to reward employees, and remote workdays are a popular benefit. There can be some location-based limitations, however, which is why many companies choose telecom services like voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). This integration has many onsite and remote benefits so you can take full advantage of offsite work services for your employees.

Your Guide to VoIP

How it Assists Remote Workvoice over IP

VoIP allows employees to access your company’s telecom features like placing and receiving calls, voicemail and call forwarding no matter where they are. VoIP often works using a smartphone or uses an application on a laptop with a headset, so if your employee chooses to work from a coffee shop, for example, they’ll still have access to VoIP services.

The Benefits of Remote Work

Aside from making employees happier, VoIP introduces many benefits that come with remote work. You’ll have the flexibility to hire remote employees, cutting down on office space and in-office costs, and can choose from a wider talent pool. Employees can also work while traveling for business. In many cases, you’ll receive a high productivity rate from remote workers since they’ll deal with fewer distractions. A remote workforce won’t necessarily be limited by the confines of traditional business hours and will be able to work at any time.


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