Weak passwords are one of the easiest ways for hackers to break into computers, e-mail accounts, and data services. Therefore, to protect your personal and company information, it’s important to build a strong defense. Below, you’ll find IT support-approved steps for creating strong passcodes.

How to Better Password Protect Your Computer

1. Start With a Phrase

First, choose a completely random phrase. Make sure it has four or more words and includes no personal information, such as a birthday or anniversary, or information about the company. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, there are many online generators that will give you a random, easy-to-remember password.

2. Mix Upper & Lower Case

Once you have your phrase, start mixing upper and lower case letters. Don’t use the first letter of each word, because it’s predictable. Instead, make the second letter of the first word upper case, the third letter of the second word lower case, and so on, for example. You can also remove a letter from each word. Just make sure there isn’t an easy-to-identify pattern that’s repeated with every word.

IT support3. Replace Letters With Characters

Finally, remove one letter from each word and replace it with a character or number. Avoid common replacements, such as an exclamation point for an “I” (for example, Ice/!ce). You can also use numbers instead of symbols.

4. Switch It Up

Even strong passwords can sometimes be figured out, so switch yours out every three to six months or so. Do so earlier if you notice any suspicious activity, after reporting the incident to IT support. When it comes time to select a new one, take the time to memorize it rather than risk writing it down.


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