No matter what type of company you have, you need a website to reach potential customers and communicate the facts they need to do business with you. Every company’s website will look different, but there are a few basic pieces of information and web design elements that should be included in every single one.

3 Vital Components to Include in Your Website

1. Easy Navigation

Most people who visit your website are looking for something specific. It could be that they’re trying to find your hours and location, or they might want to purchase a product online. Instead of making them scroll through the homepage to find everything, include a navigation bar that breaks down the site into simple categories. Usually, this is located near the top of the page so people can find the category they’re looking for right away and go directly to the most relevant page.

2. Contact Information

web designIf people can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, or if they just want to reach out to you directly, you need to include a way for them to contact you. Since customers have varying preferences, it’s usually smart to include a few different options, such as an email form, phone number, and your social media handles. If you have a physical location, include the address and hours of operation so people can visit in person as well.

3. Responsive Web Design

People use a wide array of devices to browse the web, so your site needs to function properly on all of them. Responsive web design is intended to adjust based on the size of the device, so your navigation and text should still be clear and readable whether someone is on a large desktop computer or a smartphone. Additionally, search engines tend to favor sites that are mobile-friendly, so your site will be more likely to pop up organically when customers search for relevant products or services.


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