Your companies website is the first representation that potential clients see. Just like in real life, these first impressions are crucial for achieving success. If you’re looking to upgrade your website, consider these three web design areas to start with and be on the right track.

3 Impressions Your Website Gives About Your Company

1. Appearance

People are visual creatures and respond immediately to visual cues. Upon first glance, people will notice the look or overall web design of the page. From the business logo, color scheme, and even typeface used, these are areas that draw the most attention. A well-designed website will signify to your clients you take pride in your business, and you want to showcase it to the world.

2. Mobile-Friendly

Web DesignToday, most online searching is happening through the customer’s phone. If your website’s web design isn’t mobile-friendly, they will believe your business doesn’t care about mobile users. Back in 2015, Google rolled out a new algorithm change that penalized individuals whose websites are not mobile-friendly. This could cost you almost half of your online audience, so it’s crucial to design your website with future users in mind.

3. Usability

People’s attention span is short, so if your website is challenging to navigate, many will leave after their first unsuccessful search. The primary purpose of your site is to showcase what you do and why clients will pick you instead of your competition. For slow websites, make sure that it’s not overloaded with images, which could slow down the overall user experience.


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