Smart home devices can make it easy to create a sophisticated, highly connected household that’s relatively easy marinating, and to control with the tap of a finger. With the advantages associated with managing your thermostat, alarm system, lights, and other features with wireless technology, there are also security risks involved.

What Are the Risks of Smart Home Devices?

1. Identity Theft

Intruders can breach your privacy and potentially steal your identity by gaining access to your smart home devices. The technologies that you use to optimize your home contain specialized computer hardware and connect to the internet just like your mobile devices and computers, which means that they’re capable of being hacked.

When you install a new device, instead of using a default password change it to something unique.  This helps to prevent unauthorized access. You can also enable two-factor authentication, which provides an extra barrier against remote hackers.

2. Malware & Malfunctions

technologyIt’s critical to update the software on your devices. Certain updates may be especially necessary if they’re designed to enhance and improve performance, minimize malfunctions, and provide greater security than the original version of the software..

Many updates reduce or eliminate known vulnerabilities which put you at risk of a malware attack or data theft. Hackers often take advantage of known software weaknesses to steal information through outdated patches. You should check the product’s settings periodically to ensure that the software is updated consistently.

3. Data Collection

Consider data collection the modern-day equivalent of someone opening your mail. Even when data produced by smart devices is encrypted, a skilled digital predator can still view and steal the information.  Even products like light switches and security cameras can leave you vulnerable, especially if your data is stored in a cloud without password protection.

It is important to protect the technology in your home, including all of your various smart devices, with unique passwords and to change them regularly. Doing so helps prevent anyone with nefarious intentions from easily accessing information that is best kept private.


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