Many employers have made the shift to remote work to promote safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While advances in technology and cloud services have made it easy for remote workers to be successful, navigating a new workflow without the resources they're used to can be challenging. Use the guide below for tips on setting your employees up for success. 

3 Ways to Help Your Employees Work From Home

1. Provide the Right Resources

Your employees can only be as efficient as they were in the workplace if they have access to the same resources. While most remote work can be conducted with a computer, phone, and an internet connection, some roles are more demanding, requiring access to specific hardware, software, and cloud services.

Work with an IT team to ensure your staff has access to high-speed internet, a virtual private network to secure your data, and hardware such as a reliable computer, headset, printer, and fax machine if needed. 

2. Set Remote Productivity Standards

Depending on your industry, remote work might change your employees’ work habits or hours completely, but it shouldn’t negatively impact their performance or responsibilities.

cloud servicesYou can ensure their success by providing clear and measurable expectations. Consider revisiting these goals in weekly one-on-one meetings by phone or through video conferencing to encourage open communication, address issues, and adjust benchmarks as needed. 

3. Foster Strong Communication

With access to emails, instant messages, and company-wide chat programs, remote communication is easier than ever. However, without expectations or procedures in place, relying on technology can present its own set of challenges.

Alleviate frustration and communication bottlenecks by asking your staff to use out-of-office emails and away messages when they're not at their desks. Increase productivity by encouraging team members to schedule a brief phone or video call to reduce miscommunications and back-and-forth time over email.

Consider a daily group or department staff meeting over video conference to help your team assess situations and identify potential roadblocks. By communicating clearly and consistently, you’ll ensure your team isn’t lost or confused about their responsibilities while working from home.


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