Embracing new technology can help a business streamline operations, protect crucial data, and boost productivity. An important technology to consider and prioritize is cloud services.  A move to the cloud means that instead of storing important files on computers, hard drives, and servers on-site, files are moved to an offsite data center which allows your team to access files online whenever and whenever needed. When making the transition to the cloud, follow these guidelines to help ensure a smooth process:


Think about your business’s needs. 

Take the team’s size into consideration, as well as the files, software, and information necessary for each individual to perform their daily tasks. Small- and medium-sized businesses may benefit and save money by transitioning all digital files and applications to the cloud.
This is particularly true for organizations with large marketing departments that frequently create, share, and store video and design files. Transitioning to digital storage will improve safety and accessibility and free up local hard drive storage for applications and files needed regularly.

Create an integration plan. 

Transitioning your software, files, and programs from a physical hard drive to digital storage can take time. To prevent hiccups that slow business, create a tiered integration plan with the help of an IT support team.

cloudYour IT team will work with you to identify which files can be transferred safely. This usually starts with older files, contracts, and documents that aren’t used frequently. By carefully transferring files over an extended period, all information will be safely moved to the cloud without losses, security problems, or workplace downtime.  


Forget to train your team. 

Whether your employees are working from home, traveling to see clients, or in the office, they’ll be able to check email, work on projects, and access software when connected to the internet. Leading up to the transition, inform and educate all personnel on the new technology so that they understand how to access data and keep your network fully secure.
To avoid security problems and phishing scams, train your staff on potential threats, such as emails from unidentified senders. Also, remind them to use approved services and sanctioned apps to work on projects and share business-related information. 

Overlook competitive advantage. 

In today’s fast-paced, technology-focused world, staying nimble and protecting your data by keeping it in the cloud gives you a competitive advantage. 
Making the move to the cloud is an important step for growing a business. The process might seem daunting, but it will simplify future procedures and help you run a modern company that’s ahead of the curve. 


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