If you want to sell your junk car, you need the vehicle title. A title provides proof of ownership and is legally required to sell or trade in the vehicle, even if you haven’t driven it in years. Fortunately, if you’ve lost the original document or it’s been badly damaged, you can get a replacement. Here’s how.

How to Apply for a Replacement in Person

Connecticut requires that vehicle owners fill out Form H-6B to get a duplicate title. While you can pick this form up at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office, it’s also available online. Print it, fill it out, and get it notarized.

Once the form is complete and legalized, bring it to the DMV Hub Office or Limited Service Office with the required $25 fee via check or money order. Drivers should also bring a valid photo ID (such as their driver’s license). Obtain a lien release if you’re still paying off a vehicle loan. 

How to Apply by Mail

sell your junk carMany drivers find it more convenient to complete their duplicate title application without visiting the DMV. This option also helps you avoid the spread of viruses.

To apply, download Form H-6B online or request it by phone. Fill out the form and then have it notarized. Mail the completed form along with the fee to the Connecticut DMV, and you should receive the new title in the mail in about 90 days.


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