If you drive into a deep pothole or otherwise inflict damage on your car’s undercarriage, one of the struts can break. Luckily, securing a used auto part is an easy way to save money and restore the vehicle’s functionality. Here’s why you need to have this component replaced as soon as possible.

What Car Struts Do

used auto partsThis part connects the vehicle to its wheels. It is one of the components of the suspension system and uses shock absorbers, coil springs, and other smaller auto parts to evenly support the vehicle’s weight.

When struts work properly, they ensure a smooth ride by keeping the tires in alignment. Some of your car’s most important systems, such as the transmission and engine, are also safely supported.

What Can Happen if Damaged Struts Aren’t Replaced

As you drive with a damaged suspension, you’ll experience difficulty steering, a bumpy and rough ride, and that the rear of the vehicle appears to be raised. The tires may become misaligned and the car may start to pull to one side while driving. Poor steering increases the likelihood of an accident, so these issues compromise your safety on the road.

Bad struts may also lead to extensive vehicle damage, as they don’t adequately support the transmission system or engine. Struts cushion the vehicle when passing over potholes and uneven or damaged asphalt. If they aren’t functional, the coil springs and shock absorbers won’t fully cushion any impact, potentially causing transmission fluid leaks and overworking the engine. Since these systems are complex, replacing the struts promptly helps you avoid costlier service.


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