Connecticut tends to have chilly and snowy winters. While they're fun for the kids, the conditions are difficult for cars. Icy roads, snowfall, and low temperatures wear tires out quickly, impacting the way your vehicle handles. By routinely inspecting them throughout the season, you'll notice signs of trouble before they become issues on the road. If they need to be replaced, purchasing used tires at a salvage yard has numerous benefits. 

How Does Winter Affect Vehicle Tires?

Most vehicles have standard summer tires. While offering durability during the winter, the compounds used to create them are designed to handle heat rather than the cold. 

Rubber tires lose their elasticity when exposed to winter temperatures of 45°F and lower. They'll become stiff and brittle, increasing the likelihood of cracking and tearing when impacting the road. The tires will also begin to lose traction, causing the wheels to spin on icy or wet roads, and making safe navigation difficult. 

What Are Some Winter Tire Inspection Tips? 

Tire treads provide traction, gripping the road and maintaining even handling. However, winter weather conditions will affect traction, especially if the tires haven't been rotated every six months. Check the tread level by placing a penny upside down into one of the grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, the tread is too low. While a rotation or realignment may help, the tire may need to be replaced.

Salvage YardDrivers should check their tire pressure monthly. But, in the winter, it should be checked every two weeks, or more often if the temperatures are below freezing. The cold causes the air in the tires to contract, deflating them. If the pressure is too low, more of the tire's surface impacts the road, increasing friction. That increase will make tires overheat, which wears them out prematurely. In turn, the wearing may result in a blowout. 

Underinflation also puts stress on the tires' sidewalls, creating cracks, bulges, blisters, and dry rot. Sidewall damage can't be repaired, necessitating the replacement of all affected tires. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying Used Tires? 

When replacing tires, many choose to purchase used ones from salvage yards. They only offer tires with minimal use so that drivers can buy them practically new at a substantial discount. 

You also won't have to acquire a full set. Tires wear down at different rates, depending on their location. Buying through a salvage yard allows you only to purchase the replacements you need. 


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