Offering a glossy, smooth appearance, porcelain is one of the most elegant choices for bathtubs. But while this material is luxurious, it can also be subject to damage. In some cases, professional porcelain repair can restore the tub to its pre-accident condition. However, it’s recommended to adopt practices that can prevent these issues altogether. To help you keep your tub in tip-top shape, here are some ways to prevent porcelain damage.

3 Ways to Prevent Porcelain Tub Damage

1. Don’t Pull on Fixtures

When you’re using the tub, be gentle with all fixtures—such as the hot and cold water faucet knobs. Pulling or exerting too much force on these handles could cause the base to separate from the tub. As the fixture rubs against the porcelain, it can chip away or crack, making it easier for water to affect the material.

2. Clean With Care

porcelain repairWiping down the tub with a clean cloth after each use is the best way to stop stains from forming. However, you may occasionally need to give this feature a deeper clean.

In general, it’s best to avoid applying chemical-based products or cleaning with wire brushes. These products can wear down the surface, allowing water and other harmful substances to penetrate the porcelain. Over time, this can lead to cracks that require professional tub repairs.

For the best results, you can usually clean your tub using mild dishwashing detergent and an absorbent sponge. Other products that can deliver a gentle clean include lemon juice and vinegar.

3. Watch Heavy Objects

Porcelain tubs will crack or chip when they are hit with heavy objects—especially those that are hard and rigid. If you’re doing work in the bathroom, be extra careful to keep metal tools—such as hammers—away from the tub. And when you’re handling shampoo or conditioner, make sure to maintain a strong grip around the bottle so it doesn’t fall in the tub.

If your child is taking a bath, provide them with soft toys only—such as rubber duckies or sponges. Hefty metal, plastic, or wood toys may end up getting smashed or dragged along the tub surface which could result in porcelain scratches or cracks.


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