At Frank Billanti Casting Co. of New York, NY, jewelry manufacturing is a streamlined process, free of logistics, middlemen, and single-skilled manufacturing teams. At this one-stop jewelry-making shop, these metalworking experts will guide your product to perfection one smoothly executed step a time. If you’re still debating hiring different companies for each of the many jewelry-making processes, it’s in your best interest to consider the benefits of choosing a jewelry manufacturer that can do it all.

One of the primary considerations of selling a product is whether there will be enough of a profit to reap after paying its manufacturing costs. With an aesthetic-based product like jewelry, the attractiveness of your inventory directly correlates to its selling power, both of which can be enhanced by quality craftsmanship.

jewelry castingHowever, going to several different production teams in order to secure jewelry casting, model making, polishing, and stone setting services—as well as shipment to these different teams—can quickly rack up a large bill. At this New York-based jewelry manufacturer, you’ll be able to eliminate the transport, setup, and extraneous fees that result from hiring many manufacturing companies, allowing you a more beautiful product line and a greater profit.

Trying to manage a manufacturing process that relies on separate companies for design help, metal casting, and jewelry assembly services can also be a huge burden by itself. Since each link in your production chain will operate with different employees, equipment, and schedules, there’s a great probability that these out-of-sync technicians will delay the process as a whole.

While a designer might take weeks to complete a model, your gold or silver casting company might need to move onto another client who has their design ready to go, forcing you to delay the assembly and polishing stages and keeping your profit at bay.

At Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting Co., you can take advantage of the celebrated skill and efficiency a jewelry manufacturer who can do it all under roof. Call their production center at (212) 221-0440, or visit the website for more information.