Not long ago, people showed off their personal style by accessorizing with a luxury watch. However, simply buying a high-end timepiece is no longer enough for many customers. Here’s why customization by the jewelry manufacturer is trending.

The Rising Trend of Watch Customization

Why It’s Popular

new york city jewelry manufacturerStyle is extremely personal; it’s a reflection of your preferences and personality. Many people don’t want to see others wearing the same watch, especially when they’ve spent the money on a high-end piece. There’s a unique type of pride that comes with designing something unique to you and having a jewelry manufacturer bring it to life. You’ll know it was made with care and dedicated craftsmanship.

How Jewelry Manufacturers Customize

There are many ways to customize a watch. People often change the face, strap, hands, and dial. Inspiration can come from anything that’s meaningful. Some people have the faces of loved ones put onto the face, while others might choose a color that matches their favorite tie.

Engraving images or text can personalize the piece while adding elegance. Some buy their favorite design and have it customized afterward, while others take an outdated watch and revamp it. Many people choose to have the initials engraved or opt for a word or saying that has special meaning to them.


If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd with a custom watch, turn to Frank Billanti Casting in New York City. This jewelry manufacturer has 35 years of experience providing high-quality craftsmanship. Their CAD designer will use CAD/CAM technology to make a 3-D model to your exact specifications and help you visualize your design. They can then create it, either as a single piece or a model that can be used for multiple reproductions. Learn more on their website or call (212) 221-0440 for a free quote.