Rose gold is an alloy metal made with copper and silver. Also known as strawberry, red, or pink gold depending on the amount of copper and silver it features, it offers a softer look compared to yellow gold and enhances a variety of gemstones. Here’s more about some of the best gems to pair with the gold alloy so that you can discuss ideas with a jewelry casting service.

Which Gemstones Pair Well With Rose Gold?

1. Red Garnet

This is a ruby-like gem representative of love and fertility. Red garnet features a rich tone that creates soft, mesmerizing pink undertones when it’s set in 18k pink rose gold. When it’s paired with red rose gold, the deep hue creates a sharper, more striking result.

2. Rose Quartz

jewelry castingThe gorgeous, light-pink quartz gem complements rose gold with high silver content perfectly. Diamonds in the gold band add to the combination’s beauty. Since rose quartz represents romantic love, the quartz-gold pairing makes a beautiful engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring for a jewelry casting expert to create.

3. Amethyst

This deep purple gem epitomizes both emotional relief and mental stimulation. Amethyst creates an ethereal result when it’s paired with pinker versions of rose gold. It also lends a sophisticated look when used with any hue of rose gold.

4. Pink Sapphire

This jewel functions as a center gemstone or as a complementary piece. It brings out the pink in rose gold to create a captivating result. Pink sapphire represents sincerity, loyalty, and trust, so it works as a gift for a  romantic partner or a friend.

5. Aquamarine

A jewel that looks like it was pulled from a glittering sea, aquamarine creates a cool, subtle result when it’s used with pink rose gold. The gem represents harmony between the body and soul, as well as hope, loyalty, courage, and friendship. 


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