A quality car service can help you get where you need to go quickly and safely. Whether you’re heading to the airport or scheduling non-emergency medical care, finding the right transportation provider is essential. Keep these tips in mind during your search.


Hire a local service.

A local company is more likely to be familiar with your area and its traffic patterns. For example, people in NYC are likely to receive more prompt and efficient service by going with drivers who are comfortable in the area, since they know where they’re going and what times and spots tend to see the most traffic throughout the day.

Look for a variety of fleet sizes.

car serviceDifferent passengers have different needs when it comes to vehicle size. Someone who is traveling alone shouldn’t have to pay for a full van. However, a family with a lot of luggage won’t want to squeeze into a tiny car. If your service has a fleet with a wide array of sizes, they can provide the vehicle that’s best suited to your specific needs.


Book the first car service you find.

There are plenty of different services available to cater to people with various needs. By speaking to a variety of providers, you can find the one that best fits your specific transportation style. For example, if you need a sleek car to pick up an important client at the airport, hire a service that has a fleet of high-end vehicles. 

Wait too long to book.

If you need transportation on a specific date, you’re likely to have more options if you make reservations early. Those who wait until the last minute may have to settle if their first choice doesn’t have vehicles available. When you find a reliable provider, make sure you know their booking policies so you can meet deadlines and avoid scrambling to find a new provider at the last minute.


If you’re looking for a car service in Brooklyn or throughout the Tri-State area, contact Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher. The transportation company provides airport pickup service, train station rides, and non-emergency medical transport. In business since 1983, the company has an extensive fleet of vehicles in various sizes, and the team is trained to provide safe transportation and friendly service. Visit the company’s website for rates and booking information. To speak with a team member directly, call (718) 384-4444.