Home to 2.533 million people, Brooklyn is so enormous and diverse that there’s no shortage of things to do. In fact, deciding where to direct a car service for fun in your free time may seem overwhelming. With the advice of experienced residents, however, it should be easier to narrow down your options so that you focus on the places most worth your while. 

5 Must-See Spots in Brooklyn 

1. Time Out Market 

There’s delicious food on nearly every corner of Brooklyn, but the Time Out Market has gathered some of the most delectable options in the same building. No matter your mood, there’s a cuisine to suit your tastes, including Japanese, Middle Eastern, Italian, Mexican, American Southern, and more. Take a car service there anytime you’re hungry. 

2. Prospect Park 

car serviceWith its gorgeous greenery and lake shores, Prospect Park is perfect for having a picnic or peaceful stroll. It also features other fun attractions, including a zoo, conservatory, boathouse, and center for roller skating and ice skating. If you get hungry while you’re there, stop by the Brooklyn Flea, which serves scrumptious burgers and raindrop cakes. 

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Located along the East River, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers yet more diversions and breathtaking scenery. There’s Pier 6, a floating bar with both delicious and sustainable seafood.

You can also enjoy Pilot, a schooner that went around the world twice, carried World War II soldiers, and now serves as a high-quality oyster bar. Look at the historical photos it displays while feasting on cocktails and shellfish. Of course, you can also walk along the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

4. Pioneer Works 

Brooklyn is filled with places to listen to music, see art, watch theater, and participate in science, but at Pioneer Works, you get all of them in one spot. Whether you want to enjoy someone else’s creations or sign up for a workshop so that you can learn from them, it’s a sure way to feel entertained and intellectually stimulated at the same time. Aim to take a car service there on a Sunday, when admission is free. 

5. Brooklyn Museum 

If you’d rather opt for a more tranquil setting to feel enlightened and inspired, go to the Brooklyn Museum. Boasting about 1.5 million works, along with thought-provoking temporary exhibitions, you can learn about history, culture, and philosophy by examining some of the most stunning art pieces in the world. 


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