If you need a ride to the hospital in an emergency, ambulances are available to get you there quickly. However, some people also need rides to medical appointments and procedures that aren’t as urgent. That’s where non-emergency medical transportation comes in. Here’s a guide to this service for those who may benefit from it.

What Is This Type of Service?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a service that offers rides to and from doctor’s appointments and scheduled procedures. It’s a benefit offered to eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients. Generally, patients have to prove that transportation is necessary to be eligible for this benefit, so those who have a medical condition that prevents them from driving may qualify.

Medicaid and Medicare case workers are often available to help individuals determine if rides are covered and choose a local transportation provider. Once you have a dedicated provider, you can schedule rides with them directly.

What Benefits Does This Service Offer?

non-emergency medical transportationNon-emergency medical transportation provides safe and reliable rides to and from scheduled medical visits. This eliminates barriers for those who have difficulties with other transportation options and reduces the chance of canceled or missed appointments. It can also help individuals save money on overall medical costs, since preventive care is often significantly less expensive than emergency care.

Additionally, rides are provided by trained and experienced drivers, and vehicles are usually able to accommodate various medical equipment. For example, those traveling with colostomy bags or fluids can feel confident using this type of transportation as opposed to public transit or ride-sharing services.


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