From the Cornhuskers to the State Fair, there are many reasons why people are proud to call Nebraska home. However, living in Tornado Alley probably isn’t one of them. Because of the strength and unpredictability of these natural disasters, homeowners need to be proactive about protecting their properties. Luckily, installing steel siding and roofing on your Nebraska home can help. Here’s how this durable material will keep you and your family safe.

Why Should I Choose Steel to Protect My Home?

Summer is prime tornado season for Nebraskans, which means you need to take extra safety measures in July. Even if your home isn’t in the tornado’s direct path, the winds could stir up nearby landscaping equipment, recreational gear, construction supplies, and even vehicles, sending them flying into your shingle roof. 

When you choose steel roofing, your Nebraska home will benefit from the material’s Class 4 impact rating—which carries the highest possible resistance to hail and debris. As the storm rages on outside, you can feel safe and secure inside your tank-like property.

Why Is Steel Siding Necessary?

steel sidingUnfortunately, even in Tornado Alley, many contractors simply encourage their clients to install steel roofing. But what about any debris that hits the sides of your house?

Even if you’re safe in the basement, siding damage can be even more severe than roof damage, destroying your belongings and weakening the structural integrity of your house. In fact, if a major wall is compromised, the roof might follow suit. Instead of sticking with vinyl siding—which hail and debris can easily puncture, install steel siding, which these items will bounce off of. Along with keeping you and your loved ones safe, you’ll have to do less maintenance and repair work when the dust has settled.


If you want to reinforce your home with steel siding and roofing, get in touch with ABC Seamless Of Nebraska. Based in Lincoln, they know how dangerous tornadoes can be, which is why they use Class 4 steel for both roofing and siding installations. They also offer gutter and window installations, so you can prepare every aspect of your home’s exterior for these natural disasters. To learn more about their services, visit the website or call (402) 477-5400 today.