Sandwiches are popular options for school lunches, providing the necessary nutrients while ensuring that your student has enough fuel to get them through the day. While fairly easy to assemble, finding ways to keep the loaf breads fresh and intact may prove difficult. Simplify the process by taking a closer look at the following tips and implementing a few of the most effective techniques. 

How to Make Tasty Back-to-School Lunches 

1. Use Quality Ingredients

Fresh loaf bread can enhance any back-to-school sandwich. Each slice contains a rich flavor that will complement your child’s favorite cut of deli meat. Combined with the slight crunch of the crust, it’s the easiest way to put together a tasty, nutritious lunch for your child.

You could even dress it up a bit by using a freshly made croissant. The thin layers of this pastry will practically melt in their mouth as they take their first bite. Add a layer of mayonnaise or mustard to elevate the buttery flavor of this baked treat. 

2. Keep It Fresh

loaf breads

There’s nothing worse than opening a lunch box only to find that the sandwich has fallen completely apart. The best way to prevent this is to use square containers with tightly sealed lids. They’ll keep the layers intact while preserving the freshness of the ingredients. 

You could also use a large sheet of wax paper. Carefully place the sandwich in the middle and draw up two of the sides until they meet. Fold them over one another until they’re lying flat on the bread. Tuck the open ends of the paper underneath the sandwich to hold everything in place. 

3. Buy in Bulk

Rather than taking the risk of running out of supplies, buy several loaves and croissants at one time as well as an assortment of fresh vegetables, deli meats, and cheeses. This will help ensure you have all the necessary ingredients for a nutritious lunch at any point of the week.

Keep the bread you’re not currently using in the freezer. This prevents the possibility of mold growth and will ensure the loaves stay fresh for longer periods of time. Double bag the loaves and wrap the croissants in a couple layers of plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn. 


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