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4400 E 10th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33013

About EuroPan

Delicious artisan bread is the perfect addition for local grocers, convenience stores, and restaurants. But finding the right selection at the right price for your business can be difficult. With more than 15 years of experience, the family owned wholesale bakery, EuroPan in Hialeah, FL, is your source for affordable and exceptional frozen bakery products.


Specializing in the distribution of high-quality baked goods, clients across southern Florida can take advantage of this company’s carefully prepared items. These professionals combine modern technology and artisan processes to create a finished par-baked delicacy. Each product is baked with precision until the bread is 80 percent done and then sent through rapid freezing for effective storage.


From quaint breakfast diners to splendid sit-down restaurants, eateries of all types can take advantage of these exceptional products. Because time and money are of the utmost importance to your operation, this wholesale bakery offers ready-to-eat bread that requires no manipulation by your staff. Grocery stores can look forward to stocking products that bring in customers searching for low-sodium, fat-free, and gluten-free bread.


Helping you expand your business plays a key factor in everything these expert bakers do, which is why they provide accessory items such as baking paper, bags, and honey glaze. Clients will also benefit from their wide variety of seasonal specialties, European pastries, and loaf bread. If you’re on the hunt for a particular baked good, feel free to ask their friendly staff any questions regarding their inventory.


For a proven wholesale bakery you can trust for quality, reach out to the folks at EuroPan. Call them today at (305) 392-5555 to place an order or visit them online to view their catalog.


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(26 reviews)

"Personally never been to their bakery but a gas station orders it's empanadas from them and sells them there. My goodness they are the best ones I have ever eaten. Before i discovered this it was a bakery i was in love in Pembroke Pines but now I know somewhere closer. I love them."... more
- Juan [Google My Business, August 9, 2021]