Flying a standard outdoor nylon flag during the summer months allows your flag to flutter nicely in light breezes.  But a heavy-duty polyester flag will hold up better to strong winds.  If you always have high winds, stay with the HD polyester flag.  But when winds change throughout the year, many people will switch flags to match the season.

The following guide outlines how you can properly store an American flag to avoid rips, tears, and frays while still honoring the U.S. flag code.

How Do You Properly Store a Flag?


Before you place a flag in storage, you'll need to prepare it.  First and foremost, be sure it is dry.  While your first instinct may be to fold it military-style into a triangle, this is normally for displaying or retiring a flag.  This can lead to creases and wrinkles in the fabric, which can be difficult to remove. If possible, spread the flag out on a flat surface, limit how many times you fold it, or consider rolling it instead. 

Storage Conditions

American flag

When choosing where to store your flag, keep in mind that dust, direct sunlight, and high moisture levels can all damage the material. Avoid attics, basements, and garages for these reasons. Instead, choose a space that is dark and clean. It should also be climate-controlled, where the temperature stays between 55 and 85 degrees with a base humidity of around 55%. Wrap your flag in acid-free tissue paper or natural unbleached cotton for extra protection before placing it in the chosen storage location.

Flag Code

If the flag you're putting in storage is an American flag, you need to adhere to the United States flag Code. Most notably, these regulations advise you to avoid letting it touch the ground or storing it in a box or tote that is sitting directly on the floor.

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