Flags on flagpoles are iconic, versatile decorations. When installed in the ground or attached to a building facade, porch, eave, or garage, they’re stately and boldly colorful. Here are a few reasons to invest in a flagpole—no matter where you place one. 

Why Adorn Your Home With a Flagpole?

1. Add a Personal Touch

If you’re looking for a subtle, classy way to personalize the appearance of your home, choose a flagpole and flag. Flags of your favorite sports teams, nautical flags, and others add a personal touch to the front of your home or business.

2. Show Your Patriotism

flagpoleOn Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, other national holidays, or EVERY day, you can demonstrate your support for the United States with an American flag. And a state flag below the U.S. flag is a great addition to a ground pole.  If someone you know is in the armed services, or you’re a veteran, you could choose to display a military flag as well. POW/MIA flags honor prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. In-ground flagpoles make an especially strong impression when displaying patriotic flags.

3. Promote Your Business

If you don’t want the expense of a custom logo flag, a simple red, white & blue “Open” or “Welcome” flag does a great job of drawing attention to your business. Or you could string some multi-color poly pennants.

Whether you decide on a house-mounted or in-ground flagpole, Harbortown Flag in Erie County, OH, is your source for poles and flags of all styles. They proudly sell Made-in-the-USA flags & poles, and they stock U.S. flags in a range of sizes up to 12x18’ and available up to 50x80’ in standard outdoor nylon and heavy duty polyester. Browse through their available products online, stop by when they return to 7-days on Saturday 3/28, or call (440) 967-FLAG (3524) to speak with a helpful associate for an appointment until then.