Putting American flags on display is a great way to demonstrate your patriotism and show your love for ours country.  However, if you don’t know the proper etiquette for flying a U.S. Flag, you can achieve the opposite result.  Before you display the U.S. Flag, be sure to understand the do’s and don’ts of displaying it correctly.


Make it front and center.

When raising an American flag in conjunction with other flags, the U.S. Flag should always be the most prominently displayed. This means raising it first and taking it down last, as well as keeping it higher than any other flag if centrally located, and to the observers’ left of any other flag if at the same height.

Know how to salute it.

American FlagAn essential part of the raising process is giving it the respect it deserves. Any members of the military or first responders who are in uniform should render a military salute. This includes police officers, firefighters, and anyone in the military reserves. For anyone not in uniform, it’s customary to stand facing it with your right hand over the heart.


Leave it up all the time.

Although American flags can remain on the flagpole 24/7, any time there is harsh weather such as severe wind, rain or snowstorms, it should be lowered and stored safely to maintain longest life. And unless there is proper lighting, it should be flown only from sunrise to sunset.

Let it touch the ground.

When taking it down, it’s imperative to ensure no part of it touches the ground out of a sign of respect. Lower it slowly and have someone else there if it’s a large flag to keep all parts of the flag from touching the ground as you remove it from the pole, then fold it up correctly before storing it away.

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