Since Ohio just celebrated its 217 birthday, we thought you might like some information about the Ohio flag.  Filled with symbolism and Buckeye pride, the state flag of Ohio adopts the familiar red, white, and blue of the U.S. national tricolor. But its shape gives Ohio’s flag a unique character among American state flags. Learn more about the qualities of the Ohio state burgee in the brief guide that follows below.


After 100 years without an official flag, an Ohio architect named John Eisenmann proposed a design to fly above a local building. Later realizing Ohio didn’t have a state flag, he patented his work—the Ohio Burgee—and submitted it for official recognition. The State of Ohio formally adopted Eisenmann’s design in 1902, just before the state’s 100th birthday. It has flown over the Buckeye state capitol without modification since.


flagsUnlike any other in the United States, the Ohio state flag is not rectangular. It has a swallowtail shape known as a “burgee."


Comprised of a large blue triangle, 17 white stars, three red and two white stripes on a field of blue with a deep red circle outlined in white, the Ohio state flag is steeped in symbolism.

Its blue triangular field represents Ohio's hills and valleys. The white circle with its red center is thought to symbolize the nut-like seed of the buckeye tree. Residents of the state are known as Buckeyes. As the 17th state to join the Union, the flag has 17 stars, 13 of which surround the circle and stand for the original 13 colonies. The red and white stripes symbolize Ohio's roads and waterways.

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