Flags allow you to display your pride, whether it’s for a country, state, or favorite sports teams. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from pennants and banners to handheld and larger options. This variety provides many ways in which you can use them to spruce up your home’s decor. Here are a few decorating ideas to get you started.

How to Display Flags Around the House

1. Hang in Kids’ Rooms

If being a diehard sports fan runs in the family, there is a chance that your little one will also want to show their support. Decorate your child’s room with a flag featuring a favorite sport or team.

Positioning one vertically on the wall behind a bed could also act as a makeshift headboard if they don’t have one.

2. Hang On the Front of Your Home

Display your spirit by flying a flag every day, not just “flag holidays.” You can use a wall-mounted pole next to the front door, secure it to a porch banister, or hang it against a wall or railing. While an American flag makes excellent year-round decor, you can also swap it out for sports teams, nautical, military flags or police/fire support.

3. Create a Centerpiece

Small, handheld flags are flagsfun to wave at parades and events, but they can also add some flair to your home. Put them in a decorative vase or cup to create an easy centerpiece for a kitchen or coffee table. Mini U.S. flags make the perfect decoration for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and other patriotic holidays.

4. Deck Out the Recreation Room

Recreation rooms are designed for family fun and relaxation. Make sure yours has the right atmosphere with flags that suit the theme or purpose of the room.  If you all get together to watch your favorite teams’ games, or NASCAR, hang some sports flags.

5. Place Bunting Fans over Doors or on Porches

Attaching a a bunting fan, that “half-circle thing,” over the front door or several along your porch is a great way to welcome guests. Using them inside can tastefully reflect your personality, as well.

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