Water well drilling contractors usually provide comprehensive services, but there are steps you can take to speed up the process. Preparing the site before drilling starts can even reduce the time of the installation, since contractors won't have to spend time cleaning up debris and tossing it away. Below are a few tips for preparing your land for a new water well.

How to Prepare Your Land for Water Well Drilling

1. Clear Out Vegetation

Water wells may be small and unobtrusive, but drilling requires large trucks and heavy machinery. Clearing out space for the contractors to work before they arrive allows them to get to work immediately.

At the initial consultation, your drilling professional will identify the best location for the well. Remove any trees, bushes, and large weeds away from the area. If the well is going on a slope, you may also have to level the ground to make the area safe for vehicles.

2. Provide Debris Disposal Options

water well drilling

Water well drilling produces a great deal of dirt, rock, and liquid waste, which quickly builds up. Giving the contractor a space to dispose of drilling byproducts keeps the drilling site clean and reduces cleanup times later.

Digging a pit is a popular option, especially if your property has hills and depressions. In other cases, you may want to rent a dumpster for the disposal of rock and dirt. Many dumpster rental companies have weight limits on construction debris, so be sure to ask about their policies when choosing a receptacle.

3. Make the Space Accessible

The best space for the well may not be anywhere near the gate or easily accessible areas. If the contractor plans to dig on a remote corner of the property, they may need to build an access road. If you have the equipment and resources, you may save time by handling this before they arrive.

If you're replacing an existing well near the house, move lawn furniture, vehicles, and tools away from the drilling site. Additionally, move storage sheds or other small structures out of the way to reduce damage and remove obstacles. 


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